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Designing sustainable landscapes in Southern California is very challenging. Where other industries might be able to sacrifice aesthetics to reach a level of conservation, our industry must continue to create stimulating and beautiful environments while remaining responsible and focused on the protection and preservation of our natural resources. Millions of dollars are spent each year designing, implementing, and maintaining our urban landscapes. Unfortunately, long-term problems are caused when these processes are not carried out properly. Many of these problems can be avoided or reduced by utilizing sustainable landscape practices. A landscape developed with sustainable practices will improve the environment by conserving resources and reducing chemical applications. A sustainable landscape will also reduce labor inputs making it less expensive to implement and maintain. Using climate appropriate plant material, a proper irrigation design & installation is critical for the overall success and health of your landscape. This is what an experienced and licensed professional can bring to your project.

Given the severity of our dwindling water supplies especially in California, you have to wonder why are we still watering our lawns with increasingly scarce and expensive potable water.  The truth is…we waste a lot of water.  The good news is that it means there are significant opportunities to use water more efficiently, everyone must do his or her part to create a drought resilient California.  Below is an example of a climate appropriate drought tolerant garden that replaced a once water loving lawn.

A water wise garden can have many architectural styles and the feeling of a lush garden with a few water loving plants (the key is using the smallest amount of water loving plants as possible). The raised planter shown in the photo below is planted with drought tolerant bamboo (Otatea acuminata aztecorum) with an underplanting of drought tolerant groundcovers. To bring a sense to the visitor that they are walking through a Japanese Garden I added a grove of Japanese Maple Tree ( Acer palmatum, Bloodgood). Although the Maple Trees are water loving they co-exist with the drought tolerant bamboo and ground covers because they are on separate hydrozones (irrigation zones). In other words each plant is receiving the appropriate amount of water they require.